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Invierte en la bolsa de valores CLIC AQUÍ Y CONVIÉRTETE EN TRADER


The book Vivir del comercio gives you the necessary to distinguish quickly from the fans. The book contains the necessary means to become a successful trader.

The Living Trading book will help you discipline the spirit, showcase effective trading methods to beat the market and manage your capital so that no series of losses can drive you out of the market.

The book Vivir del Trading is the most comprehensive trade book available, it is the favorite work of American traders and your being a precious help to:

  • Keep your blood cool.
  • Take advantage of reading the market.
  • Use computers to find the best trading opportunities.
  • Develop effective trading systems.
  • Find the best points of entry and exit in the market.
  • Set stop orders.
  • Collect benefits.

Success in trading is based on 3 pillars:
  • The psychology,
  • The technique (graphic and technical analysis)
  • And money management.

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