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The world's largest seller1 is a best-selling book by Og Mandino. It was first published in 1968, and relaunched in 1983 by Bantam Books, a hard paste edition was published by Buccaneer Books in June 1993.

The 128-page book is a classic guide to a seller's philosophy, telling the story of Hafid, who falls in love with Lisha, the daughter of Calneh, a very rich man, being just a simple camel. Hafid, discontent with that life, approached his protector Pathros, a potent merchant, (who at that time was considered the greatest seller in the world) to whom he asked for advice to become a powerful man like him, and thus some Day also obtain for him, the title of the largest seller in the world. Pathros first inspects Hafid's intentions, suspecting that he only asked for this favor for love of power and money, but when he learned that it was for the love of his future wife Lisha, he then decided to help him and guided him in art Of generating sales, but does not make life easy, first Hafid must earn the right to be instructed by Pathros, who entrusts Hafid to him, go on a trip to sell a mantle in the Bethlehem region of Juda, but in reality, Is a journey of self-discovery, in which, Hafid will understand what the true basis of success. Pathros receives a test from heaven that involves the very child Jesus. With this Pathros remains convinced that Hafid is chosen to be the new owner of 10 extraordinary scrolls that will teach the arts how to become the largest seller in the world. Hafid, in turn, promises to take care of them at the time that he can apply them in his life, but with the condition that their content was a secret and should remain hidden until one day appeared a person who would somehow transmit a signal that would be such So evident, even if this person did not know that to ask, or to look for, would make him see that he was the chosen one, and then Hafid would deliver the scrolls to him so that he could freely share his content with the world.

In the second part of this book, Hafid, already an old man and having divided his fortune and disrupted the empire that he built so hard during his life (in the first part of the book), receives an unexpected visit from Saul, a preacher of Jesus, to Who would later be known as Paul, the apostle. And who, without knowing it, carried in his backpack the sign that indicated that he was the one chosen to transmit to the world the secret content of the 10 scrolls.

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