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Think and Grow Rich (orig. Think and Grow Rich) is a book by American writer Napoleon Hill. It is known as the most famous and effective method to make money since with more than ten million copies sold, it has been more successful than any other work of its kind. To write it, Napoleon Hill interviewed the 500 richest families in the United States, who revealed to the author the origin of his fortune. Promoted by Mahatma Gandhi, it was widely distributed in India of its time.

Published in 1937, a few months after Dale Carnegie's influential book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, he is considered the beginning of the literature genre of self-improvement, now known as self-help. The reading of the book of Hill is not exempt of controversy. While many people consider it an inspiring book, capable of transforming their view of life and business, others criticize the bias of some of their passages by confusing correlation with causality

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